Hello. It probably isn't me you're looking for...

I’m a comedian.


There seem to be a lot of them about these days.


Everyone seems to think they are funny. 


I do not have sticky up hair. I am not young and trendy. I am not tall and do not wear skinny jeans.


Maybe I’m not a comedian and this is a social experiment gone terribly wrong.


Most people think I am a bit weird to be honest.


I've stood in front of audiences and they have laughed.


This leads me to believe I am a comedian, and I’m going to proceed on that basis until someone tells me to stop.


I did have a glass smashed over my head at a gig once, and I hadn't even gone on stage.


Maybe the person had a premonition.  


I was sat in the ambulance, paramedics doing all sorts of tests on me when I received a text, from comedy legend Sion James who was compering the gig.  The text read " Are you still ok to Headline? "


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